Foo Fighters Tour 2015 – See Them Before It’s Too Late!

Are you ready to see an amazing rock band live? The foo fighters tour 2015 is already going strong. If you are thinking of attending the show you better get tickets before December rolls around, because there won’t be any more shows! Now is an excellent time to get seats, we have a complete list of every date that they are planning to play all the way until they are to work includes in November. Knows? You may get lucky and they might release some more shows, but you can’t count on it. So take a look at what they have already put out and attend the show nearest to you!

The reason that the foo fighters are playing more live shows the normal recently is because they just put out a brand-new record that they have entitled sonic highways. They also used that name to christen their brand-new series of concerts. That’s right, this is called the sonic highways tour. They will be playing in a lot of countries that they have never performed a show live in before. One such place is South Korea, the land of kimchee. I’m sure all five members of the band are going to have a great time in that country! This really goes to show you that they are gaining more popularity all over the place, thought that was possible? They were already insanely popular before!

They have been on the road for quite a while now. The first show that they played was nearly 12 months in the past back on 10 December. Believe it or not, they performed their opening show in South Africa in a town called Cape Town. You would think they would head over to North America after their inaugural performance, but in fact they went over to South America to play several shows. It’s only after they were finished up in South America that they trekked over to North America to play shows in America and Canada. They are still currently in North America, but Europe in several Asian cities are going to get a taste of the foo fighters tour 2015 soon enough.

Except for Antarctica, these guys are pretty much going to every corner of the globe. They started off on shaky legs in the beginning of their concerts. The lead man Dave Grohl almost sustained a tour ending injury when he suddenly felt from the stage and fractured a bone in his leg. While this didn’t stop him from completing the concert that night, they did have to abandon many plan shows which lost them in a lot of revenue. Once Dave was healed up they kept going and are still playing shows to this day. Nothing is going to keep this band down for long! In addition to their hit songs, it’s this attitude that they displayed when times get tough that makes their fans continue to see them play.

Why not head over and see a show? They still have plenty of rocking left to do! It’s quite common for them to bring insanely popular surprise guest performers onstage with them during their live concerts. So if you’re lucky, you may just see a second superstar take the stage with them.